Snow bound

I am NOT a huge advocate of snow, and we sure have gotten a bit the last few days. I am already sick of waking up way earlier than I need to just so I can take the 2 hours needed to get to work on time…it’s a 45 minute drive.

On another note, I am glad I got the chance to take a small vacation when I did. It looks like I will be busy until June….sooo No days off for me! Good thing I like my job I guess. With all the snow and skiing off the table for me, it probably isn’t a bad thing any how. 

…and this week I had to get 3 stitches in my finger. I am not sure how i even cut it. I was drying off my apple slicer after cleaning it…and talking to a co-worker. Apparently in rings true about me not being able to do 2 things at once…go figure! haha. 

   I guess I’ll try to find the fun in winter, or at least try and ignore it while working.

As long as I get to hang with the smallest niece and nephew and come home to the pup…I guess all will be good!





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