It is funny to me how time flies. I seem to plan my time in months lately because of projects and I truly believe that this makes time go quicker…like time is just passing by in a blip. I have been looking at old pictures lately and can barely remember some of these moments. For instance when Madison was a little baby, to her now being 19 years old working and going to school…

ImageMadison as a baby under 1.

ImageI think Madison is like 10 in this picture…

Image…and Madison (with her boyfriend Jeff) now.

….or Ranger being a 2 year old dog now. I barely remember him being a puppy,

ImageRanger at 3 months.

ImageRanger at 7 months.

Image…and Ranger now. At 2 years!

Or Little Miss Riley becoming a 3 year old!! How crazy is that!! Image Riley at 1 year…

Image…Riley at 2 years!

Image…and my little niece now…almost 3!

I am just in awwww at those few things, let alone everything else that has changed. Sometimes in a day…sometimes without even noticing over a span of years. I often look back to see how far I have come…and realize how far I have to go. I guess with my birthday right around the corner is when I start to think about time…and how truly amazing this seemingly small thing really is!

To Many more years with these guys and the many others people, places and things that time will bring me!  Here is to another year of great things!!


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