Traveling will have to do.

I love to move, and I have moved around for many years. Lately I have been feeling stuck. I have been back in Ohio for 3 and a half years now…and although I have my job, my nieces and nephews, my sister and my friends I still tend to go a bit stir crazy.

I love traveling, seeing new places, watching new cultures, and if I could make any money being a sociologist that would totally be the job of my dreams. To get paid to travel and write about what I see. How awesome. But, I have to think with my brain…and not my heart. So I stay here…and only wish I had an opportunity to see something new, try something different, and miss what I have here.


I love Niagara Falls…


…and Washington D.C.

I have so many photos of places I love to visit, live and see. I need to make a huge effort to at least go on day trips…Maybe I’ll start with Nashville for New Years…and then go hang with my wonderful friend in Hawaii…

I guess I have to stop moving, and start making the best with what I have!


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Living out loud...and anywhere that takes me?!
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