Sound Body

So, I work a lot. That is me, and it seems the more I work even a little, my body gives out. I am sure this is me doing something wrong, because I have always worked a lot…hell, I have worked WAY more than I do now and have gotten sick less. I know I need more exercise…hell, you can tell that by my weight. I eat…most of the time, and i take vitamin C…Either way. I am sick of being sick.

What people don’t know…because I work so much, is that I am actually lazy. I do things because they need done. I clean, because I hate having a messy house, I cook because I need to eat, and I don’t exercise because…well, mostly because I feel like I work 16 hour days…and I don’t feel like fitting one more thing in. I am lazy…


Either way, I seem to need to make some changes…I so need a different motivator! 



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