Everything matters

I always wanted to be a good person, and most of the time I am. I try not to be to hard on people, and maybe I just expect to much…but regardless. I am way to hard on people. I know I don’t open up to much, and once you do something that I deem not okay, I pretty much cut you off. I know that’s not fair…but that’s what I do. I am going to be the change I want from others and strive for better….I’ll keep working hard, at work, home, relationships and everything in between. Boy…I wish there was a magic 8 ball for this…heck for life. Things would be way easy if that were the case!



  …Okay…done with thought 1 of the day. I guess my sleepiness is kicking in! haha.


About janes7

Living out loud...and anywhere that takes me?!
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