My crazy life

So, of course it’s project time, which just means my crazy life get’s crazier. I never can understand how parents do it and figure this may be why I haven’t been blessed with any children I so want. My dog is hard enough to take care of…I can’t imagine kids, my sister annnnd this job. Then of course I think, if I had kids…a family, I probably would make different choices and not have this job. Heck if I had it my way I would be a stay at home mom. Clearly, being a nanny was my favorite job…and I was good at it.


This was the sky outside my window at the office the other night. I have it pretty good, so I do feel bad asking and praying for more. Oh well, regardless of my hopes and dreams…my next few months are about to be busy, busy, busy! 


About janes7

Living out loud...and anywhere that takes me?!
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