Hurry up and wait

So things have been crazy lately with work and my sister. Not bad, just really busy.

   Work, well it is work. I love my job, but boy I don’t like it sometimes! I have to say, as far as jobs go I am lucky, but if you asked me that today I may have told you to go to hell. haha.

   I got my sister a temp job at my work. She has been going to school and between work, school, and her friends, I am a very busy lady…haha, so is she. I keep thinking she needs a car…but of course needs to buy her own. I think sometimes she knows that if she holds out long enough, and I have to be in more than one place in a very short time, that maybe I will cave and just find a way to but her one myself. I will stand tall, and prosper. Or some shit like that. 

  I have been trying my hand in taking pictures. I would say photography but I can barely use the camera. I am trying though and if I had more time and energy maybe I would one day be able to call myself a half photographer?




   I was lucky enough to attend an OSU game with my Uncle. I had so much fun and it was nice to take a break from my normal insanity and enjoy myself. I wish I could do that more often.




All in all things although crazy…have been pretty good! With sister dates…




…to fixing cars and fighting colds, life is busy. 🙂


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