ABC’s of Me!

Age   34
Beverage of Choice   Water, Iced Teas
Chore you Hate   Dishes
Daily Routine   Wake up, Feed the pets, Hurry to work, Come home and run errands or clean, get some me time in and hit the sack
Essential start of the day   Green Tea
Favorite Color   Green
Favorite Game   Apples to apples
Height   5’7″
favorite Ice Cream flavor   Hmm, Chocolate…but I have a few of them!
Beloved piece of Jewelry   My Angel ring, even though it is broken!
Kids (names & ages)   I have a dog. Does that count?
Where do you Live   Ohio…for now. 🙂
Favorite Movie(s)   I don’t even know, but the first two that popped in my head are Mermaids, and 10 things I hate about you.
Nickname   Beara
Occupation   Project assistant, and wannabe mom.
Pet Peeve   Leaving the shower curtain wide open!
favorite Quote   “I love you, but I don’t like you right now.”
Right or left-handed   Left
Siblings   1 older sister, 3 younger brother and a younger sister.
Time it takes to get ready   Depends on what I am getting ready for, but usually 15 minutes…
Unusual Fact   I’ve always felt like I was living someone else s life…
Best Vacation   Moving and Living in California…if that count’s?
What makes you late I am never late. Ever.  
Xrays you’ve had   Too many too count.
Yummy food that you make   Mac and Cheese
favorite Zoo animal   Hands down, Elephant.

About janes7

Living out loud...and anywhere that takes me?!
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